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When Pain Creates

A True Change

ATC is unique in that it ‘s developed and operated by minorities with lifelong, direct, and personal connections with the low-income, minority, communities of Denver.

Ta’Rell Burton is a former gang leader whose 18-year-old son was killed one week before he was paroled from prison after serving 13-years; He committed his life to create positive change in his community.

Co-founder Kisha Burton experienced the loss of several immediate family members, the murder of Kisha’s fiance left her a young single mother of two fatherless sons. The loss of her brother and God-Son currently on life-support fuels her daily commitment to ending violence and addressing the inequalities that lead to it.

These experiences establish a level of rapport within the community that can never be attained through training alone.


We are dedicated to promoting the empowerment of people, protection of animals and the environment, and respect of cultural diversity.

Nos dedicamos a promover el empoderamiento de personas, la protección ambiental y animal y el respeto por la diversidad.

Diversity and Inclusion are at the heart of everything we do:

(Diversidad e inclusión son el centro de todo lo que hacemos)

ATC always operates with diversity and inclusion in mind. We strive to be accessible and inclusive to ALL people through our recruitment, operating structure, program delivery and community engagement.

ATC siempre opera teniendo en cuenta la diversidad e inclusión. Nos esforzamos por ser accesibles e inclusivos para todas las personas en nuestros procesos de selección, estructura operativa, programa de entregas y participación colectiva

A True Change (ATC) was established in Denver as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in July, 2017. ATC has always worked to bridge the gap between the community and the systemic challenges preventing success within the under-served populations. The organization was originally established to address the dilemmas of urban poverty and develop community change. 

Realizing a significant factor in affecting lasting community change is the youth, the organization’s primary focus evolved from “community support” to “youth development.”

ATC has been developed and operated by minorities with lifelong, direct, and personal connections within the marginalized communities of Denver. Co-founder and CEO Kisha Burton experienced the loss of several immediate family members. The murder of Kisha’s fiance left her a young single mother of two fatherless sons. The loss of her brother and God-Son currently on life-support fuels her daily commitment to ending violence and addressing the inequalities that lead to it.

Executive Director Tara Barnes is called the “Sister of Eksarheia” (her neighborhood in Athens, Greece) because of her shared experiences, deep personal relationships, and commitment to supporting everyone within a highly marginalized community.

The leaders of ATC are women who have experienced poverty, discrimination, violence in many forms, racism, and systemic injustice, and have risen above it all to become a force for A True Change in their communities. These experiences establish a level of rapport that can never be attained through training alone, and make ATC truly representative of the communities it is striving to uplift.

“A True Change” (Un Cambio Verdadero) fue creada en Denver (Estados Unidos) en julio del 2017, como una organización sin ánimo de lucro (el llamado “501(c)3” en ese país). 

“A True Change” (en adelante ATC) ha siempre trabajado para apoyar a la comunidad en los desafíos sistemáticos, que han impedido el conseguimiento de políticas exitosas dentro de la población más desfavorecida. La organización fue originariamente creada para abordar los dilemas de la pobreza urbana y desarrollar un cambio en la comunidad.  

Luego de comprender que la juventud, es un factor que afecta significativamente el cambio comunitario duradero, el foco primario de la organización evolucionó de “soporte comunitario” a “desarrollo de la juventud”. 

ATC ha sido desarrollado y manejado por personas con conexiones de vida directas y personales dentro de las comunidades marginadas de Denver. Kisha Burton, Co-fundadora y Directora general de ATC, ha sufrido la pérdida de varios familiares cercanos. El asesinato de su pareja, la convirtió en madre soltera de dos hijos sin padre. También la pérdida de su hermano y ahijado, son actualmente el motor que alimentan su compromiso diario a acabar con la violencia y abordar las desigualdades que la fomentan.

Tara Barnes, Directora ejecutiva de ATC, es llamada “la hermana de Eksarheia” (el barrio donde vive en Atenas, Grecia) debido a sus experiencias, sus profundas relaciones personales y su compromiso ayudando a las personas de comunidades altamente marginadas.  

Es por esto que, las líderes de ATC son mujeres que han sufrido pobreza, discriminación, violencia de varias formas, racismo, injusticia sistemática y se han elevado por encima de todo eso para convertirse en fuerza para Un Cambio Verdadero en sus comunidades. Estas experiencias establecen un nivel de vinculación que nunca podría ser alcanzado únicamente con capacitación y hacen que ATC verdaderamente represente a las comunidades a las cuales está intentando elevar. 

Board of Directors


Jarred Scott

Jarred Scott is Vice-President of the Board of Directors for A True Change Non-profit Organization. Mr. Scott is an Entrapuanurer, Owner/CEO of Keeping it Moving LLC, a full-service household goods mover that serves the Colorado area. Jarred resides in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado; Jarred’s term ends January 2021. His decision to serve on the Board to help educate and bring awareness to the community. He has a keen eye for new marketing ideas and over 6 years of experience with small business and non-profit management.


Karen Thomas

Karen is the Secretary for the Board of Directors for A True Change, she is an Entrapanure with 40 years of experience in the Professional Healthcare Industry. Karen is a Licensed EMT, with an extensive Medical Billing/Coding background. She currently resides in the City of Aurora, Arapahoe County, Colorado; Mrs. Thomas’s term ends in January 2021. Karen mentored at-risk youth for over 25 years; although her passion is working directly with gang-affiliated youth. As a past Gang Prevention/Intervention Specialist for the PinonFoundation, Karen turned kids away from gangs and into the direction of a bright future. Karen serves as the Secretary for A True Change Board of Directors to have an opportunity to continually make an impact on the lives of Denver’s at-risk youth.


Arthur “AJ” Williams

Arthur “AJ” Williams is the Treasurer for A True Change Board of Directors. He is a retired Meat Cutter, Licensed Bail Bonding & Recovery Agent, and CEO of En’Motion Bail Bonds. AJ has worked in the bail bonding industry for 15 years; in 2014, he retired from Colorado Meat Packers after working there for 32 years. He calls the City and County of Denver, Colorado home; AJ’s current term ends January 2021. AJ has been a board member from the first day of the organization’s incorporation. His drive and motivation stem from the loss of his son, Clarence Lamont Thomas, who was murdered in February 2017. He keeps going for the sake of his family and plays a vital, inspirational, role in each one of their lives. AJ believes in providing a foundation of love and guidance; he supports his community unconditionally and continues to lead them by example.


Anpu Dabir

Anpu Dabir is The Board Advisor for A True Change, a world-renowned Astrologer, Founder of My Astrology Coach, and Author of several books. He is an Educator, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur who has accepted his full time calling to serve the people. Anpu currently offers three annual worldwide tours of vortex centers that enable self-healing and the revelation of personal goals. Anpu resides in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; his term end date is January 2022. Anpu is also an original member of the Board of Directors securing his position when the organization was founded. From founding awareness programs and love funds that aid adults and children in need, Anpu exemplifies the spirit of A True Change in every sense of the word.


We are committed to transparency at ATC. Please use the links below to view our policy documents.

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