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When Pain Creates

A True Change

ATC is unique in that it ‘s developed and operated by minorities with lifelong, direct, and personal connections with the low-income, minority, communities of Denver.
Ta’Rell Burton is a former gang leader whose 18-year-old son was killed one week before he was paroled from prison after serving 13-years; He committed his life to create positive change in his community. Co-founder Kisha Burton experienced the loss of several immediate family members, the murder of Kisha’s fiance left her a young single mother of two fatherless sons. The loss of her brother and God-Son currently on life-support fuels her daily commitment to ending violence and addressing the inequalities that lead to it. These experiences establish a level of rapport within the community that can never be attained through training alone.


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End Youth Violence Workshops

In response to repeated youth violence in Denver, community leaders Jason McBride & Kisha Burton designed free, online-interactive, three-part series, workshops.


The Purpose Initiative is a culturally responsive, interchangeable strategy to resolve the dilemmas high-risk youth and families face while promoting empowerment to maintain a purpose-driven life.

Colorado Pandemic Relief (CPR) 

Colorado Pandemic Relief (CPR) is a mobile delivery service offering food and household product essentials aimed to serve the low-income vulnerable communities profoundly- affected by COVID19.

The mission of Flippin’ the Script (FTS) is to provide education and structure to establish successful reentry into society for gang-affiliated parolees. FTS is the only reentry class for gang-affiliated parolees classified as “Security Threat Group” in Colorado.

Culturally informed curriculum strengthens community capacity.

Outlining the outputs and program structure with the demonstrate sustainability in the foundation and ongoing operations of A True Change. 

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I use my skills to aid others and stay positive


Join a winning circle that creats a circle of strong community colloborative presence.


”Contributions are not always monetary. What did you add to the plate?


Inspire the change you want to be, create the change you desire to see.

Our Innovative Approach

The End Youth Violence Community Workshops foster a healthier quality of life through strategies designed & facilitated by members of the community.

The End Youth Violence Community Workshops strengthens the opportunity to enhance the social infrastructure in the community and foster improved resident health, safety, and lifestyle. The Workshop promotes the enhancement of community effort to a plan to prevent youth violence, particularly among minority males



Positive thought, positive mindset, and positive actions  WIN THE GAME OF LIFE!


  Cities we impactedIn just the smallest way can go the long mile!

Trained Farmers

A True Change procures fresh products at low cost to support the local farmers.


Years of time invested in creating A True Change!