A Tutor for Change

A Tutor For Change (AT4C) provides free virtual tutoring for any student, anywhere in grades 1-12. AT4C is entirely volunteer-based, and A True Change is honored to be working with such a talented and diverse group of people. Each session is one hour long and generally has a maximum of 5 students. One-on-one support is available in certain circumstances. 

Registrations are for the entire session (typically 10-12 weeks). During registration, parents and guardians have the opportunity to request text or email notification if their student doesn’t log in to the session. 

The November/December 2020 session is AT4C’s pilot session. Beginning in 2021 we are planning to expand and offer educational activities in different subjects, delivered through a social justice lens and with an emphasis on critical thinking skills.

What We Offer

Subject Tutoring

We offer tutoring in the following subjects for grades 1 – 12 (unless otherwise noted)




Social Studies / History (grades 1-10 only)


Classroom Setting

We offer online tutoring services in an online classroom format for socially distanced learning.  We use Google Classrooms which is a free service that allows for real-time interactions and content sharing. Students can also submit homework questions before tutoring sessions.

1:1 Sessions

If your student has specific learning goals or learns best in a smaller classroom setting, we also offer 1:1 sessions in the following subjects:

Math (grades 7 - 12)

Science (grades 7 - 12)


Please email tutors@atruechange.org for more information.

AT4C Master Schedule by Lauren Martinez
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