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The Purpose Initiative 

The Purpose Initiative multifaceted culturally responsive universal strategy designed to resolve the dilemmas high-risk youth and families face in under-served communities. It’s designed for families and youth in 4th-12th grades. The educational, therapeutic approach empowers urban youth to acknowledge their purpose and maintain a purpose-driven life. The universal curriculum components adjust to fit the participant’s needs and delivered in different program structures. The evidenced-based framework was created by Ta’Rell Burton Sr; Kisha Burton added the structural components to measure outcomes and maintain sustainability.

Universal Curriculum Program Delivery:

Leadership Development

After School Intervention Program

Juvenile Diversion Program

Youth Re-entry Program

Youth Service Club

 Juvenile Diversion
 Intervention treatment strategy to address the families risk and protective factors impacting the youth’s adaptive development. An Individualized behavioral change method is developed to reconstruct family relationships, promote community engagement, and maintain a purpose driven life. The Purpose Initiative Juvenile Diversion helps to repair families and prevent victimization and crime in the community.

Leadership Development
The Purpose Initiative is a culturally responsive youth leadership development for urban high-risk youth. Students charter and run a student-led, high school non-profit organization that define their “Purpose Within” by fostering civic engagement and service-learning.

The Purpose Initiative Promotes

• Substance Abuse Prevention
• Certified Addictions Counseling
• Individual & Family Therapy
• Behavioral Health Assessment
• Behavioral Health Education

The Purpose Initiative Promotes

Homework Assistance
• Tutoring
• Mentoring
• Parent Connection Meetings
• Life Skills Instruction  
• Gang Prevention/ Intervention /Suppression

The Purpose Initiative Promotes

Educational/Therapy Activities
• Guest Speakers
• Service Learning 
• Victims Impact
• Positive Character Development
• Delinquency Prevention








 Ta’Rell & Kisha Burton currently teach    The Purpose Initiative Leadership Development at Colorado High School Charter GES. 

The Purpose Initiative class is delivered twice daily, five days per week; during 60-minute class periods. 


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The mission of Flippin’ the Script (FTS) is to provide education and structure to establish successful reentry into society for gang-affiliated parolees. FTS is the only reentry class primarily for affiliated gang parolees classified as Security Threat Group (STG) in Colorado.

Past class cordinator, Kisha Burton is familiar with the class and participants; A True Change offered to take over the reentry class and allow Rev. Kelly to focus on other engagements.


 To assure safety within the Denver Metropolitan areas and minimize recidivism and gang involvement, Flippin’ the Script (FTS) must continue to offer services to recently released gang-affiliated parolees.



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