Our Team

Board of Directors

Vice President
Jarred Scott

// Jarred Scott is a successful young Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of Keeping It Moving LLC, a full-service household goods mover that serves the Colorado area. His decision to serve on the Board is to help educate and bring awareness to the community. Jarred has a keen eye for new marketing ideas and offers over 6 years of experience with small business and nonprofit management. For many years Jarred has donated to charities and participated in volunteer work for Toys 4 Tots, USA Basketball for the youth, and the Colorado Coalition. He has guided many individuals off the streets, assisting them with finding work while mentoring and providing guidance. Mr. Scott’s immaculate drive to help others is his motivation to continually strive to make a difference within his community in any way possible.

Arthur “AJ” Williams

// ArthurAJ” Williams is the Treasurer for A True Change Board of Directors, he is a retired Meat Cutter and Licensed Bail Bonding & Recovery Agent; CEO of En’Motion Bail Bonds. AJ worked in the bail bonding industry for 15 years, he retired from Colorado Meat Packers after working 32 years as a meat cutter in 2014. His drive and motivation stem from the loss of his son Clarence Lamont Thomas who was murdered in February 2017.  He keeps going for the sake of his family and plays a vital, inspirational, role in each one of their lives. AJ believes in providing a foundation of love and parental guidance; he supports his family unconditionally and continues to lead them by example.

Doctor Antoinette Gomez

// Doctor Antoinette Gomez is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Doctorate of Marriage and Family Therapy (DMFT)  & Certified Addictions Counselor III (CAC III); she earned her master’s degree at the University of Denver. For the past ten years, she has treated offenders, and victims of domestic violence, and sexual assault. Antoinette facilitated “Seeking Safety” support groups for women experiencing trauma and addictions at Project Pave (Teaching players to thrive on and off the field), Family Tree, and Sisters of Color United for Education (SOCUE). She assisted Sisters of Color United for Education (SOCUE) gain a Department of Behavioral Health licensure to diversify from federal, state, and local grant support. She has worked with criminal justice organizations, police, probation, and parole departments. Antoinette is passionate about helping families adjust during re-entry; her experience, drive, and determination is invaluable to A True Change.

Samuel Singleton

// Samuel Singleton was born in California, his family relocated to Colorado proceeding his father’s death. Samuel’s mother settled in the Five Points district of Denver and raised her children in the area. Samuel’s experiences growing up in a neighborhood with gang infestation created a strong desire for positive change. As a young adult, Mr. Singleton developed a passion for spiritual knowledge and education. His hard work, devotion, and struggle redefined his identity and legacy; today he is known for bringing peace to the neighborhood. Singleton’s cultural background and focus on community collaboration led him to several volunteer opportunities and leadership roles. He’s proud of his metamorphosis and wants the world to know about it. Samuel mentor’s youth struggling with legal issues while emphasizing gang suppression and intervention. As a frequent writer and presenter, Sam specializes in the areas of nonprofit formation, compliance, and leadership. His life-long experience dealing with urban families enables him to easily relate to the issues at-risk youth face. Samuel works hard to ensure that everyone acquires the necessities needed to cultivate youth leadership within the community. A True Change values the work and support Samuel Singleton provides.

Karen Thomas

// Karen is the Secretary for the Board of Directors for A True Change, she is an Entrapanure with 40 years experience in the Professional Healthcare Industry. Karen is a Licensed EMT, with an extensive Medical Billing/Coding background. Karen mentored at-risk youth for over 25 years; although her passion is working directly with gang-affiliated youth.  As a past Gang Prevention/Intervention Specialist for the PinonFoundation, Karen turned kids away from gangs and into the direction of a bright future. Karen serves as the Secretary for A True Change Board of Directors to have an opportunity to continually make an impact on the lives of Denver’s at-risk youth. 

Board Advisor
Anpu Dabir

// Anpu Dabir is The Board Advisor for A True Change, a world-renowned Astrologer, Founder of My Astrology Coach, and Author of several books. He is an Educator, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur who has accepted his full time calling to serve the people. Anpu currently offers three annual worldwide tours of vortex centers that enable self-healing and revelation of personal goals. From founding awareness programs and love funds that aid adults and children in need, Anpu exemplifies the spirit of A True Change in every sense of the word.

Monisha Sanderson

// Monisha Sanderson is a Financial Representative with a passion to make a difference. Her investment lies within the community; she has helped over 300 families make better decisions to achieve their goals and reach their dreams. Her passion for change can be seen in the organizations that she had the opportunity to be a part of. Although she learned about the challenges and joys of nonprofit leadership from many different points of view, she has been blown away by what the team has accomplished in a short amount of time and is inspired by the opportunity to tell the story of the organization’s collective impact. Monisha is currently in partnership with the African Leadership Group (ALG) to assure positive economic development within immigrant and refugee communities by opening their minds to larger financial possibilities. Monisha has a passion for “getting it right”. Her commitment to accuracy and attention to detail ensures that the organization and its programs are presented in the best possible light. The decision to serve on the Board of Directors of A True Change compliments her mission to give back.

Chief Executive Officer
Kisha Burton

Executive Director

Administrative Staff

Social Media & Content Creation

Lauren Martinez

Colorado (she/her)

// Lauren Martinez currently works as an Admin. Assistant and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Marketing. Her background is in customer service, administrative, marketing, and social media. She believes that there’s been too much hate in the world recently and wants to use her skills to be a force of good and spark the change towards positivity, love and kindness!

Social Media

Sahil Desai

Edison, NJ (he/him)

Website Support

Wenli D.


Social Media / Content Creation

Caitlyn G. Cashman

United States (she/her)

// Caitlyn is excited to have found such a wonderful organization. Her skills are writing, social media and marketing but she is always looking to learn and try new things.


Jayla Mallard

Colorado (she/her)

Jayla is an 11th grade high school student and and a part of National Honor Society for the past 3 years. She enjoys volunteering and helping her community!

Spanish Translater

Ximena Pereira

Rome (she/her)

// Uruguay Lawyer, living in Rome. Spanish native. Interested in humanitarian affairs.


Administrative Volunteer




Salesforce Administrator

David Kreth Allen

Golden Valley, MN (he/him)

// David is a Solutions Architect, specializing in Salesforce. He works for a company that saves lives in the cellular therapy industry. David enjoys walking with his husband, listening to music, reading fiction, and hanging out with friends.

Salesforce Administrator

Ruchita Bhatia

California (she/her)

// Ruchita is a Certified Salesforce professional. She loves to develop and customize Apps, loves to teach Computers and Math, and is excited to be a part of A True Change.

Development / Fundraising

Mr. Jason Bodemer

United States (he/him)

Salesforce Administrator

Zahid Rodriguez

Queens, NY (he/him)

Salesforce Administrator

Shakila Kuduva Subramanian

Wisconsin (she/her)

Shakila is a a certified salesforce Administrator/Developer.

Administrative Volunteer

Isiaka Jimoh



Mrs. Azita





// Amanda is a medical student pursuing training in OBGYN. Amanda enjoys all outdoor activities.

Tutor & Administrative Volunteer

Emma Collins

Tennessee (she/her)

// Emma is a sophomore in high school. She is part of band and plays flute/clarinet for the wind ensemble. She is also currently a district lead for the organization Diversify Our Narrative. She is adopted and originally from around Guangzhou. She loves school, getting outside, watching shows (like Friends, Stranger Things, Criminal Minds, etc), playing video games, and listening to music. (oh and eating food)



Kannapolis, NC (she/her)

Celeste is a junior in high school. She lives in North Carolina and is a youth council member in her community. She is the oldest of 5.


Kadahlia (“Dahlia”)

Texas (she/her)


Maia Eckert

New York (she/her)

// Maia is a college student studying to be a special education teacher. She loves history and reading/writing. She is excited to be working for A Tutor For Change!


Katie Guenthner

Atlanta, Georgia (she/her)


Katrina S.

Colorado (she/her)

// Katrina loves math and hopes to get others excited about it too!


Kristin T.





Kenneth Westervelt

Colorado (he/him)

// Kenneth started working in education by teaching guitar lessons in 2006. He began working in SAT/ACT test prep in 2007 and expanded to group tutoring in left-brain topics shortly after. He has work experience in public utilities, military, and construction. In his spare time, Ken composts, gardens, and is building a private practice in personal financial management.


Yiwen Chan Chen

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