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We are dedicated to promoting the empowerment of people, protection of animals and the environment, and respect of cultural diversity.

Diversity and Inclusion are at the heart of everything we do:

ATC always operates with diversity and inclusion in mind. We strive to be accessible and inclusive to ALL people through our recruitment, operating structure, program delivery and community engagement.


A True Change (ATC) was established in Denver as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in July, 2017. ATC has always worked to bridge the gap between the community and the systemic challenges preventing success within the under-served populations. The organization was originally established to address the dilemmas of urban poverty and develop community change.

Realizing a significant factor in affecting lasting community change is the youth, the organization’s primary focus evolved from “community support” to “youth development.”

ATC has been developed and operated by minorities with lifelong, direct, and personal connections within the marginalized communities of Denver. Co-founder and CEO Kisha Burton experienced the loss of several immediate family members. The murder of Kisha’s fiance left her a young single mother of two fatherless sons. The loss of her brother and God-Son currently on life-support fuels her daily commitment to ending violence and addressing the inequalities that lead to it.

Executive Director Tara Barnes is called the “Sister of Eksarheia” (her neighborhood in Athens, Greece) because of her shared experiences, deep personal relationships, and commitment to supporting everyone within a highly marginalized community.

The leaders of ATC are women who have experienced poverty, discrimination, violence in many forms, racism, and systemic injustice, and have risen above it all to become a force for A True Change in their communities. These experiences establish a level of rapport that can never be attained through training alone, and make ATC truly representative of the communities it is striving to uplift.