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“Where Success Is The Only Option”

We envision a social evolution in thriving communities.

Utilizing the capacity to strengthen and improve the psycho social outcomes within our youth will  ensure success.

 Transforming pain to motivation; Ta’Rell and Kisha Burton accomplished a lifelong dream of incorporating a nonprofit organization to address gang issues and empower Denver’s at-risk community. 

A True Change is a community based 501(C)(3) non-profit organization founded in July 2017 to address the dilemmas of urban poverty.

The local news published a story on Mr. Burton, highlighting his personal and professional achievements, including his strong and direct presence within the community. He now gives back, and pays it forward through means of motivational speaking, mentoring to at-risk youth, and  gang members  to promote a healthy, positive lifestyle change.


A True Change geographically targets the areas of Northeast Denver and South Commerce City, also known as,

“The Division of Change.”  


City Park West, Clayton, Cole, Elyria Swansea, Five Points, Green Valley Ranch, Globeville, Montebello, Northeast Park Hill, Skyland, Stapleton. Whittier, and South Commerce City


Dignity & Respect:

We treat people with dignity and respect, encompassing the understanding that we are part of one diverse community!

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We are devoted advocates of the Nonprofit Industry!

Strategic Innovation:

We are committed to strategic innovation, and implementing the best practices in our community-based programming!

In 2003, Ta’Rell Burton Sr. made a mistake and angered a rival gang. Things escalated, and he found himself sentenced to 30 years in prison, and the first few years were rough. He productively utilized the time by educating himself at Northeastern Junior College; he found solace in religion and in the thought of coming home to his daughter and son one day, no matter how many years that would take. Mr. Burton spent 13 years in prison. A week before he was to be released, rival gang members shot and killed his 18-year-old son.

Now he has to live for his son, as well as his daughter and two grandsons. Ta’Rell is now married to his wife Kisha Burton; together they were recently blessed with the birth of their baby boy Milan Burton in March of 2018. Mr. Burton places daily focus and emphasis on leading his step-sons in a positive direction in order to ensure they avoid the hardships he endured as a youth.“Success is my only option,” he said. “There’s no turning back for me.” He’s also shared his experiences to inspire others. He’s acted as a motivational speaker, and he said that his hope is that talking about his struggles and triumphs will give someone the guidance they need to turn away from the path he took.


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